John Hope Bryant is a BUILDER. The Brands of John Hope Bryant represent the fullness of his vision throughout the course of the development of his entrepreneurial career, all of which look to ‘do well and do good’ in society. Amongst other innovations, Bryant founded the largest nonprofit financial inclusion organization in the nation, as well as the largest for profit, institutional quality, minority controlled owner of single family rental real estate in the United States.

The brands of John Hope Bryant span the United States, and in the case of one of his global entities, an ongoing impact in more than 70 countries around the world, spanning more than a decade.

Several of Bryant’s entities have triggered the creation of U.S. federal policy, including financial literacy as the official policy of the U.S. federal government (Operation HOPE), the creation of the new space of emergency financial disaster preparedness, response and recovery policy within the U.S. federal government (HOPE Coalition America), the first nonprofit authorized by federal banking regulatory agencies to operate inside of an FDIC insured bank branch (HOPE Inside), as well as the inspiration of the creation of the first ever U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Entrepreneurship Development.

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Past & Present Brands
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