Just Brothers is a fellowship and kinship of like minded men (BROTHERS) who share values, but are authorities in their own right.

About Just Brothers

Just Brothers emerged from the conclusion that some of the very smartest, brightest, and most accomplished African-American men really don't 'know' each other; not in ways that matter most; not when it comes to building and developing deep, authentic, open and truly engaged relationships.

The core of friendship is build on honor and trust: modern day advocates for those in need in the areas of social justice, commerce, health and education. Just Brothers is a membership organization that collectively works to identify local and global problems that have a beginning, a middle and an end, each of which has potential solutions, and a clearly defined plan of action. The motto of Just Brothers is SAVING OURSELVES, SAVING OUR COMMUNITIES, SAVING OUR FUTURE.

Just Brothers was developed by John Hope Bryant and a group of leaders from Atlanta, in an effort to end this breach of 'the spirit'.

Membership in Just Brothers is by invitation-only. The Coordinating Committee consists of entrepreneur Thomas Dortch, national small business advocate Cassius Butts, and public leaders, the Honorable Ceasar Mitchell and John Eaves.